About Midland Group

Midland Group was formed in 1990 to provide custom design and consulting support to independent telephone companies across the country.  Midland’s clientele has expanded over the years to include a variety of communication and broadband service providers including ILECs, CLECs, WISPs, public utility companies, and Native American (tribally-owned) service providers.

Midland’s licensed professional engineering services support broadband and telecommunications service providers with design, construction inspection, and technical assistance. Additional consulting services include financing assistance, marketing, operational and business planning. Midland’s assistance has enabled our clients to remain competitive and add new revenue-generating services to their networks positioning them for success for many years to come.

We can help you assess your market and competitive landscape, identify new revenue-generating services, assist with financial aid, and design your network to accommodate growth while retaining the most efficient use of existing assets.

We understand today’s service demands and focus on custom designs coupled with unparalleled customer service. Our personalized approach results in customized services that enable a sustainable competitive advantage in business for our clients. Midland Group prides itself on providing quality work to its clients at moderate rates. An earnest effort is made to identify each client’s needs and “customize” the product accordingly.

With years of proven experience, technical and business expertise, honesty, and integrity, Midland Group has proven to be a valuable business partner to many successful companies.